The Fine Art of Personal Alchemy
By Lorraine Henrich

On my seventh Christmas, Santa granted my request and gave me a magic set.   I was sorely disappointed to discover 3 styrofoam rabbits, one poorly made hat, and a set of instructions on creating optical illusions.   Although I stopped believing in David Copperfield’s performances on tv, I continued to search for what my heart desired – magick that was real and life changing.

Over 30 years of life experience have passed as well as many years of formal training and I am happy to report that magick is available and accessible to anyone who has an intense desire to achieve a goal.  In fact life is an opportunity to create dreams into reality and all challenges are delicious opportunities to grow and transform!  The most magnificent part of this is the fact that we humans as a collective hold the keys to all magick we wish to achieve.

At the simplest level humans are comprised of the four elements of earth, water, air and fire, and we infuse spirit as a fifth element with belief in God by whatever name you call him and her .  God is a power that exists within and without our DNA.    As physical and spiritual beings, life is to be experienced physically and spiritually.  So the ultimate personal magick can be created with the simplest of tools and, as long as it is infused with our heart’s belief, it can be achieved.

In fact infusing an object with intent and desire is a powerful way to bridge heaven and Earth.   When I wish to manifest abundance in my life I do not pull it out of a hat.  Instead I begin by asking myself, what does it mean to be truly abundant?  I jot down thoughts, ideas, and then come up with a specific request for the type of abundance I require.          

When I am abundantly clear on my intent (our intent is our mojo), I take a special journey to a place that usually contains the tools I need to get my mojo going in the appropriate direction – the Dollar store.   If I am in a purist mood, I go to the health food store for the supplies I need.   Using words, blends, inscriptions and prayers that I create with my imagination, I transform candles, oils, herbs, trinkets,  and everday household objects into magickal tools that evoke all the abundance that my heart desires. 

And unlike the box I received on my seventh Christmas, the instructions are contained within my essence.  All I need to do is tap into the goddess within my soul to manifest.   There is one more hidden ingredient one can not forget when making magick that lasts – joy!!!!  So the next time I am at Walmart maybe you will see me there.  I won’t have on a hat or cape, but I will be wearing a silly grin as I prepare to embark on yet another incredible journey down the Convenience store aisle and then up to Heaven.

The series  of lessons that are to follow are designed for an individual to connect to the god/goddess archetypes.   As you work with these divine beings, you will personally grow.       

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