The Path

The Healer's Academy Program

The Healer's Program is your next step on the initiatory path; with the first step involving an initiation into the Adept Program known as Empower Thyself. These initiations are given within the Hierarchy of Light and once initiated you are called to work for the brotherhood and sisterhood of light, which is not an earthly organization.

As such, you become an expert in your understanding of the Hierarchy and their purpose and it is through the Hierarchy that you will receive your further training. As you progress, you will gain more and more contact with the beings of the Hierarchy, including the Archangels such as Lord Michael, Lord Raphael, Lord Gabriel, etc and Masters of Light. The Healers Program with its initiation will give you a thousand fold more power than prior to your initiation to accomplish the work and utilize the light and energy with more efficiency and effectiveness.

A Healer can perform the following services:

  • Life Activation
  • Life Path Reading (with advanced DNA Reading Course)
  • Basic Etheric Surgery
  • Advanced Etheric Surgery (with additional course training)
  • Balancing Elemental Platforms
  • Laser Light Healing (with addtional course training)
  • Aura Healing

As you progress on your path as healer you may receive additional training that will authorize you to perform the following services:

  • 11th Codon Life Purpose Reading
  • Full Spirit Activation
  • Journeys of the Spirit
  • Sacred/Devine Geometry
  • Astral Travel
  • Romantic Living
  • Stress Management
  • Max Meditation

There are many, many more things Healers can provide, these are just a list of the few things you will be taught and initiated to do in the teacher's program.

Prerequisites for this program are:

Empower Thyself Delivered by an MMS Guide
The 12 Root Races Delivered by an MMS Guide
Sacred Geometry Delivered by an MMS Guide or Teacher
Astral Travel Delivered by an MMS Guide or Teacher
Journeys of the Spirit Delivered by an MMS Guide or Teacher

This a five day program.
To apply for this program contact us or

Ritual Master Program

Ritual Magick is the art of summoning, controlling, working with and doing service to the powers of the universe! This is the art of mastering Life, Light and Magick. High magick for the benefit of humanity. As a ritual master one must have the authority and lineage to call upon the powers of heaven and thus be in line to work with the powers of the universe. To Be In Control Is The Goal. The Ritual Master is taught the some of the highest and most secretive rituals and magick known to man. These teaching have over 3000 years plus, of history. The teachings include the highly guarded knowledge of King Salomon, one of the greatest Ritual Masters that ever walked the earth! To apply for this program contact us or To do the Ritual Master Training one must be an initaited Healer first. .

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