House Blessing

2nd Degree Ritual Masters have been trained to work with the energies of the Heavens and the Universe. These energies are redirected and used to create the most sacred and abundant living space. This process can be done in any environment, work or home, and it is done both inside and outside of your space.

The House Blessing is done using special herbs, prayers, geometry and ceremony to clear your space of any unwanted debris from prior residents or any other situations that would create space pollution.

During the process your home will be read and that information will be shared with you after the session. You will be counseled regarding what the power points within your home are and you will be able to use this information to create an optimal living situation for both you and all those who reside in the home.

The herbs used for this process is a purifying combination called Mother Essence. Mother Essence is a combination of four of the most powerful substances used to guard and protect: sea salt, mugwort, mandrake, and mistletoe. The sea salt is specially prepared using a heating and drying process that is a purification in itself. The ingredients are blended with love and the highest and purest intents of light. This Unique Blend of herbs ensures protection of the home to the person who keeps a small sack of this in the four lowermost corners of the house.


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