The Universal Kabbalah

The Kabbalah is about the Tree of Life. It is about creating Heaven on Earth. By embodying the different aspects of G-d, which are all represented in the Tree of Life, we bring the heavenly energy through us, to touch all that we touch. This means manifesting our dreams into reality and discovering who we truly are.

The Kabbalah is an amazing experience! The reason that this Kabbalah course is unique is because we experience the Kabbalah. We do not read about the Tree of Life in a book and simply talk about it.

We experience each aspect of G-d, ourselves, and the universe in the Tree of Life. Each aspect is represented by one of ten spheres. Throughout the Kabbalah course, we move up the Tree via the spheres, in a progression.

In part 1 of the course we begin our ascension and journey of self-discovery into Malkuth as it is known on the tree. This is where we discover more about ourselves as it applies to all things physical, including our everyday lives, nature, and the 4 elements. The virtue of Malkuth is discernment and it is here we learn how to see the truth of all things physical and God's plan made manifest on Earth. We learn to enjoy being alive and how wonderful and amazing it is when we discover how the physical world contains divinity. We also learn to balance our physical existence with a spiritual one.

In the next sphere or aspect of the Tree, Yesod, we begin to come to terms with our subconscious and our relationships. Yesod is the realm of dreams and foundation. We learn how to build a strong foundation for our reality through strength and by learning to become more aware of how we flow our energy to others. In some cases we learn better boundaries, and, in others we learn to open to new experiences. We begin to see the grand design of the Universe and the divine operations of the patterns of life. We also learn independence from that which is not truly in alignment with our higher self.

We then move up to the sphere of "Splendor" and "Truth," Hod. We learn more about our thought processes and the beauty of philosophy and Language. Through this experience we learn to stand in our power when we speak. We find ourselves in actual life situations in which we either speak our truth or tell a white lie. After we choose "Integrity" consistently, we are then ready to move up to the next sphere or aspect of G-d, Netzach.

Netzach means "Victory," particularly "Victory over Emotions." We explore our emotions and learn to balance our emotions with our thoughts. How can we master our emotions if we are not totally honest with ourselves and with others first? We also learn more about the rhythms of life through music and the arts.

Now with our familiarity with physical manifestation, relationships, with our clarity and honesty, and mastery over emotions, we are a clear vessel for the flow of Divine Energy that enables us to express ourselves creatively.

The aforementioned spheres are the spheres of the personality, and they must be mastered before we can truly access our soul purpose and our direct connection to God. Before we are given the privilege of ascending into the next aspects of G-d, abundant power and knowledge, we must complete any necessary healing that may have slipped through the cracks throughout the first four spheres.

We find ourselves now at the fifth sphere in the heart area of the body in the Tree of Life. This sphere is about healing, "Beauty," the central Sun, the jurisdiction of the Archangel Raphael. Using the miraculous properties of the area of the Tree known as Tiphareth, we balance our personality so we can open our hearts to higher purpose and communion with God, our souls reach out and we become not only more self aware but we become more aware of our higher purpose. Now that our healing sufficient, we are ready to stand in our full power.

The next two aspects of G-d are "Severity" (power), Geburah, and "Mercy," Chesed. With Geburah we learn to cut away all aspects of our lives that do not serve our highest self. We learn to stand in power and we learn discipline to achieve goals and learn true self mastery. With Chesed's "Mercy," we are assured of not abusing our power. We learn to truly love ourselves and to rule our earthly Kingdom with kindness and love. Once we have mastered this power balance, we are privileged to move into the hidden sphere of tremendously increased "Knowledge" or Daath.

In order to use "Knowledge" for the highest good in G-dly manner, we must ascend to the spheres of "Understanding," Binah, and "Wisdom," Chokmah.

We finally reach the highest sphere in the Tree, the "Crown" or Kether. The "Crown" is the jurisdiction of the Archangel Metatron, one of the highest of archangels, whose primary function with humans is to empower humans. It is in this sphere we come face to face with God, and we are transformed forever. As one who has completed the journey we are known as Kabbalist. A Kabbalist is not only one who continually grows, but one who continues to manifest dreams into reality.

This Kabbalah journey takes at least 11 months. The group will meet once a month for 11 months. Afterward, the Kabbalah becomes a way of life. We embody the aspects of G-d and bring divine energy through us to create Heaven on Earth.

We grow very close to those who traverse this holy ground with us. Therefore, be selective about those very special individuals with whom you invite to share this deep, spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical journey.

Four out of the eleven sessions in the KABBALAH course include Ritual Ascensions. Class is structured as follows:

Kabbalah Part I: $495 ($250 if taken with the Adept)
Two day intensive introduction and initiation into the Tree (Malkuth)

Kabbalah Part II: $250
One day integration and initiation (Yesod, Netzach, Hod, Tipareth)

Kabbalah Part III: $250
One day integration and initiation (Geburah and Chesed)

Kabbalah Part IV: $495
Two day integration and final Ascension (Binah, Chokmah, Kether). This is a full weekend retreat and this cost does not include the rental cost.

Monthly payment plan option Approximately $153 per month for the 11 months plus $100 due at each ascension.

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