The Adam Kadmon

From the beginning of time, Prophecies and Myths have spoken of Humankind evolving into a "God Like" being. The Kaballah has called this being of prophecy the Adam Kadmon - which means literally, "God Human". The Mystery Schools have spoken of the Great Work - defined as reuniting the Body and Soul with the Spirit. Which is the transformation of the self, into the highest potential being - striving to reach this exalted state.

Every culture has its legend of a perfected God-Human which will emerge at the end of Human Evolution. Every culture has its legend of the first human, who was a being like ‘The God and Goddess’. This God-Human is a being of God-like power, God-Like creativity, and lives in a state of 'divine contact'. The God-Human of mythology symbolizes both the beginning and the end of Human Kind. It is the Alpha and Omega - the beginning and the end.

In the tradition of the Rocky Mountain Mystery School, through the Kaballah Adam Kadmon is the name used for this God-like being. It refers to the legend of "Adam" as first man and woman, (Adam means many and refers to the entire human race) and our return to that state of being. It refers to the "Kadmon" or completion. It is a return to our beginning but with all the knowledge and wisdom of the physical world integrated.

This is why we call this program The Adam Kadmon. The Adam Kadmon Workshops are about living in a new way, in order to become a different kind of Human. The teachings are simple, they are followed by a 24 Strand DNA Activation" which is designed to create that "return to the Divine State".
Divine Law is: As Above - So Below. The Mystery teachings are: Everything, which exists in the physical, must first be created in the Spirit. Everything physical has its counterpart in Spirit. If there are 12 strands of physical DNA, there are 12 Spiritual DNA strands. DNA Activation must include both the Spiritual as well as the physical.

All Mystery School traditions have a Ritual and Activation Process which results in activation of 11 of 12 strands (which we call "Codons") of the Physical and Spiritual D.N.A. The two Codons which are not activated by this method are called the Galactic Code (physical DNA), and the Divinity Code (Spiritual DNA). All mystery school traditions have taught that when humankind is ready, a technique would be given to activate the last two Codons. The Activation of these Codons would result in the manifestation of the Adam Kadmon, that God-Like Human.
This is work that King Salomon began, nearly 3000 years ago. Finally, we may finish this! We may complete the cycle and become the perfected human - transforming from Humankind to Humanity. This is the most glorious time to live in!


On May 21, 1998 we had a physical contact with beings from another world. We saw their "Plasma Ship" in blinding light as it went into a lake in Southern Idaho. It resembled the Plasma Ships, which were photographed near Mexico City a short time ago. These beings call themselves The Nathors. (The Nathors are not related to the Hathors - who are entirely different beings with a different purpose.
The Nathors explained this DNA technology was the method used to complete their Ascension beyond the third and fourth dimensions. This is how their population became the Adam Kadmon of their World.
We conferred with others, who had contact with Galactic beings. The information from the Nathors was consistent with that of other Galactic Sources of Light. We found the information from the Nathors was consistent with the Mystery Traditions we know.

The Nathors explained; at the annual Deepa Vali celebration of Light in October, there would be enough light on Earth for the Activation Technology to work properly. We shared this story with our students and our friends, inviting them to experiment with us. In October 1998, the first activation group experienced this Procedure. The Nathors stated that we must activate twenty percent of the Human population to create critical mass.


This increase in Light within your body is specifically focused to create the Physical Side of Ascension. Remember, the potential of light manifesting within the physical body is limitless! Anything that is called a "manifestation of Light" will be the result. Light manifests differently in each person.
We cannot tell you specifically what it will do for you.

Generally the result of the activation is the gifts of the spirit which you were born with will be brought to full empowerment. Your intellectual and creative gifts will be amplified. Your ability to manifest will develop. You will gain your birthright to Divine Connection.

The Nathors were very clear that humankind has excelled in the emotional, mental, and spiritual processes of evolution. They stated that we are ready for Ascension at those levels of being. The only thing limiting us is,.. The Physical Body. The purpose of the Adam Kadmon is to provide you the physical change necessary for physical Ascension.

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